Gao Yuanyuan’s Manager Does Not Respond To Persisting Pregnancy Speculations

gao yuanyuan mark chao married 2014
In 2014, actress Gao Yuanyuan best remembered for her roles in Let’s Get Married and as Zhou Zhiruo in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2003 TV series) married Taiwanese actor Mark Chao. She has only taken up a few projects since tying the knot and in the last few weeks, the 39-year-old Gao Yuanyuan has found herself the subject of rumors that she’s pregnant. 

gao yuanyuan
Gao Yuanyuan allegedly turned down a sports brand endorsement because of her pregnancy and is expecting to give birth sometime in July or August which is also the reason she has not appeared much in public.  A few weeks ago, she did, however, appear in a short video to promote Fashion Week this September. In the video, Gao Yuanyuan is seen sporting shoulder-length hair and smiling.  What seems to have gotten the attention of viewers is that Gao Yuanyuan’s lower body was hidden from view.  
gao yuanyuan pregnant?
On March 19, Sina reporters have once again tried to confirm the news with Gao Yuanyuan but her manager claimed to be in a meeting and gave no response. 

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