Film Review: Princess and the Matchmaker

Whoever said simple love stories were outdated was wrong in every way possible. Princess and the Matchmaker will easily change their sour views on light romance films because this delightful movie is definitely worth every […]

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings (Movie)

Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings 狄仁杰之四大天王 is a new movie fantasy action movie hitting the cinemas this July.  It tells the story of Di Renjie (played by Mark Chao) after successfully solving the mystery behind the […]

A Better Tomorrow 4 (Movie)

A Better Tomorrow 4 is a Chinese movie directed by Ding Sheng that is inspired by the 1986 John Woo classic of the same name. It stars Wang Kai (Dynasty Warriors), Ma Tianyu (Secret of the […]

ManHunt (Movie)

ManHunt 追捕 is the latest John Woo film to hit the big screen, and it features an international cast that brings together Zhang Hanyu, Fukuyama Masaharu,  Qi Wei and Ha Ji Won. The story which revolves around a man […]

The Chinese Widow (Movie)

The Chinese Widow 烽火芳菲 is a Chinese film by Danish Director Billie August that brings a realistic depiction of the atrocities committed during the second world war. The story is told through the heart-wrenching romance […]

Sky Hunter (Movie)

Sky Hunter 空天猎 is a Chinese movie about an elite air force taking to the skies to defend national interests and uphold peace. It sounds like a typical trajectory for any action hero except with […]

Wolf Warriors 2 (Movie)

Following the success of Wolf Warriors in 2015 is another sequel written and directed by Jacky Wu Jing who returns as Leng Feng, an army sniper recruited by the special action force Wolf Warriors.  In Wolf Warriors […]